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    Default Petition: Preview the appearance of armor in miniature.

    First off all I love the idea of preview outfits in the item icon. It's extremely handy when you're looking for esthetic appearance for your character. Most of people buy a lot of armors/robes/outfits from AH just to find 'the special one' we are looking for. That's where my idea for armor appearance preview comes handy. Just make template preview for every random armor/robe like u did for outfits.
    I'm aware of 'missing outfits bug', but let's hope that was fixed once for all.

    If u like my idea please sign in!
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    Um,... they just tried this on only one type of item and it ate every randgen outfit in the game. Do you seriously want them to start messing with every type of armor!?

    Please Turbine, don't touch it.
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