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    Question Paladin Advice Appreciated

    So on my third life ( previous two were favored soul and rogue) I am looking to do a paladin. I want to use a dwarven axe, heavy armor and shield mostly. My question is would it be more beneficial to stay pure for the capstone or splash in 2 fighter for the extra feats? How important is toughness? Could i skip that to make room for something else? I know the thf line is important to my dps but can i get by with just 2 ranks of it? Im not looking to be main tank, I just was looking for a sturdy build with decent dps.

    All thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Default My 2 cents €

    Get toughness, also get both shield mastery feats for more doublestrike.

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    Splash 2 fighter I would also splash 3 monk...

    Be Human or Helf for dmg boost, max umd for tenser scrolls, take D-axe feat and max SA dmg with improved deception item.
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    The THF line is heavily backloaded, not taking GTHF is almost always a bad idea.

    Here's how I would do a feat list for 18 paladin / 2 fighter shield user...
    1 paladin, 1 fighter, 17 paladin, 1 fighter
    1: Toughness and EWP: Dwarven Axe
    2: Power Attack
    3: THF
    6: Maximize
    9: Improved Critical
    12: ITHF
    15: GTHF
    18: Shield Mastery
    20: Improved Shield Mastery

    With that said, the way you say "Im not looking to be main tank, I just was looking for a sturdy build with decent dps." makes me think you would be better off with a pure THF build.

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