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    Default Quick splash question

    Should I splash 2 or 6 Fighter in my Tempest Ranger life? TR, so not looking past 20. And I dont have Monk.

    2 Fighter gives me Tempest III, more spells/SPs including a second L4 slot for CSW+FoM, and a 4th FE

    6 Fighter gives me Kensei and Cleave/Great Cleave, which I otherwise couldnt fit in, plus the enhancements seem to offer more with the extra fighter levels (Haste II, Str II, etc.)

    Everything else is pretty much the same for the build I'm considering...its really just L16-20, if I want to go Fighter or Ranger.

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    I think it would be a waste not to splash also a level or more of rogue or artificer for umd+traps and sneak attack/magical training

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