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    ok so I have been reading the discussions about artificers in this forum, majority say that artificers are just at that point where they're strong during heroic levels and meh on epics, however, if you have dropped by on lamannia, the new enhancement pass early preview is going on and looking at the battle engineer branch of artificers' enhancement. I would have to say it had a gigantic boost than what it had before xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddobard1 View Post
    this is true

    bard and rogue are my favorite but I dont understand why melees run away.... suppose a melee level 8 with a +1 acid greataxe of bleeding.... with inspire courage it becomes a +5 greataxe of bleeding!!
    This. I tell the party I'm gonna sing, and they run like hell to my position, usually with a cacophony of "hang on be right there" and the like. Combine the song with the spell buffs bards have, and there's no contest.

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