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As many have said above, artificers are massively front loaded, and at low levels can be powerful.

However, having just levelled up a juggernaut who only used greataxes/falchions during levelling, and with limited self healing during that time (I was mainly using wands / scrolls out of combat as I didn't pick up reconstruct til taking level 20 and I didn't take maximise or empower either so my repair spells weren't hitting for much), i.e. an artificer who was using pretty much none of the special abilities, I can't say I had a terribly hard time just cleaving/great cleaving through mobs.
Yeah, but I'm doing the same thing with both a Bard and a FLESHY Wizard, and not having a hard time with those either (both are in the desert).

In other words, for experienced players, I doubt that the class features make that much difference to power during heroic levelling. Low levels are trivial for most well built characters, and even the mid- to high- levels aren't that tough.
A smart player can level a ham sandwich then rock the world w/ Fury or LD.
On my jugg, levels 17 and 18 (which I stayed at until I had the xp for 20) felt the most underpowered vs. the pure artificer I played the previous life, but by that point most other classes have caught up with or surpassed the artificer on the power curve.
Truly a potentially painful spot for lots of build mixes.

Repeater dps seems high when you're low level, but by the time you hit epic content, it really falls away. On my old pure artificer, EH was solo'able, but EE content was too much for the build (i.e. I could contribute, but other classes, particularly melee, were much more powerful).

The runearms too are powerful up to EH content (pretty much one- or two- shotting trash on a full charge) but again fall away on EE content.
Seriously agree here. It's less the plain DPS; the mobility hurts me too. Lower levels you can stand and mow **** down. Once **** doesn't mow down, you want to be able to reposition, and repeater + charged rune arm is not a good combo there.

The main reason I went juggernaut on my current artificer is that the endgame today is built around dps, and melee (plus fury'd manyshot) is really the optimal way to deliver that damage. A pure artificer cannot compete with melee dps largely because of the lack of any good EDs (probably the closest to a damage destiny for the artificer is FotW, but you lose a lot from not having access to overwhelming force on ranged damage). Its also difficult to reach the DCs required for EE content - up to High Road content you can just about get there if you have 3xSorc PL, 1xWiz PL, and preferably completionist, but hitting the 60+ DCs needed for eGH is a stretch too far with current in-game gear.
You're much better off going with damage (which works everywhere) or with a CHARACTER level based DC component.

TL;DR - artificers are a strong, fun class up to EH content, who gain power quickly at low levels but who are more or less equal to other builds by level 20. For EE content, they don't bring much to the table beyond excellent weapon buffs, unreliable area cc via tactical detonation, and mediocre ranged dps.
Good summary - but I'd add that the success of the Juggernauts is that the core of the platform remains relevant if you re-spec it just for DPS.