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    Default Hotbar and left hand Item

    Hello eveyrone

    I am a TWF
    I know how to use the weapon configuration and the hotbar to change both weapons at the same time
    I also know that if you make a configuration with just 1 weapon, it will change the weapon in your RIGHT hand

    I would like to know if it is possible to make a hotbar button to change ONLY the LEFT hand item
    This would be very useful to have some hotkeys to change just the right weapon and some other to change to left weapon and not having to make hotkeys for all combinations !

    Also, is it possible to make a hotkey to equip more than 1 item at the same time
    For example, a key to equip google+trinket+cloak ?

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    there's some trick to make a right-hand only swap. something like: make a usual two weapon set, then remove the left hand weapon from inventory

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    make a weapon item for each hand.

    Drag it to your hot bar.

    Sell or bank the item that was set for your right hand.

    You'll need a few hotbar spaces to do this but you can equip what you want in you left hand with the weapon set hotkey(s)...which you will always have to do first.....and then put the stuff you want in your right hand as sinle items not part of a weapon set in seperate hotbar spaces and click on those second....rememeber never to click in a weapon set hotkey after you have equiped the left hand or it will change this.

    I am thinking for quickest possible change......put the weapon hotkey with blank right hand in space 1 and the weapon you intend in space 2......that way they are right next to each other.

    I used to use this trick for when I wanted to scroll Master's Touch on weapons........or if I wanted to keep a spell point item in my left hand but needed to use scrolls or wands in my right before I could un-equip it.

    You can also always make a weapon set with two weapons........then equip a scroll or wand......and then single equip from the hotbar the weapon you want in your a scroll or wand will always go in your right hand and not unequip what's in your left.

    I think those pretty much the only two options to keep you from doing it manually from your inventory...sorry...I know it's not really what you looking for. I find the best thing to do on a TWF is really look for some killer weapons and carry smaller amount of them.......inventory is such a headache

    Now we need a trick for the rings
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