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    Default Yet another missing VIP TP thread...

    So, I got my Feb TP with no trouble, but I haven't received my March TP, nor has showed any change in my payment date (to reflect the 4 days we were given over the down time thing).

    To be honest, I'm not particularly bothered by the latter, and the only reason I'm having a problem with the former is the current sale. See, when Turbine gave us all the free LR, I decided to play around with it a little bit. I severely screwed up my lvl 16 Fighter and I'd like to be able to rebuild him. Unfortunately, due to my current financial situation, the only way I can afford to get a Lesser Heart is with my monthly VIP TP, and the only way I can afford to get one now (as opposed to waiting for another month) is to get one while they're on sale.

    I'm a very laid back individual. I don't get bothered over the small stuff, and I never get stressed over money. I've been playing the game for 3 years now, and I've seen many problems come and I've seen them dealt with... Even when it took a little time to do so. I have no problem being patient when it comes to this kind of thing. I realize that Turbine is a business and that we live in a capitalist society, so business matters and making money have to rank pretty high on the scale of what's important, or there's no game for me to play.

    The problem for me (as well as many others from what I've been reading) is the lack of communication. I can understand where, from your point of view, it might be better to say nothing if you have nothing to say... But from our point of view, I believe we'd much rather hear SOMETHING than nothing. Even if you just pop in from time to time to let us know that you have nothing new to tell us, but you're working on it.

    I realize that you all thought you had it fixed, but there appear to be a decent amount of VIPs still without their TP, and there also appears to be quite a few of us who haven't had our subscription info updated. See, if I haven't gotten my TP because the subscription date was pushed by a few days, I can handle that... But how do I know that's the case if we're not getting answers and my info hasn't changed?

    I've waited as long as I can, considering my hopes of rebuilding my fighter... Today is the last day of the sale. Even if you can't get me my TP, and even if you can't/don't reply to this thread... I'd appreciate it if you could at least tell us something. I'll be watching the Dev Tracker, just in case.


    EDIT: While still a bit frustrated by the lack of communication on this issue, mine has been resolved. I called them yesterday and the guy I talked to handled it right away for me. He told me that we should call and let them know any time our TP or other services are more than 48 hours late. I realize that this is not exactly convenient for everyone, but at least we know it can be handled this way. For those of us who don't live in the US, Skype is a great option... If you have credit or the US calling plan, that is...
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