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    Default Otto's Box trades for EE items?

    Would like to see how often a trade is made, EE item for an Otto's box. If you've received an Otto's Box for an EE item, feel free to post. I've seen several "EE Dream Visor" or other EE item, up for "Otto's Box only", in trade channel and other areas on this server. Curiosity as to far how far this thing has gone. If you have traded a box, feel free to let us know also, although it would almost seem shameful.

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    Well Otto box is 50.00 and a dream visor is dropping like flies. I have done probably 1 pop every other day since the release came out, I have seen it drop at least 75% of the time in the end chest. I got one the other day.

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    It all depends on luck. I got them quickly too. But I have friends that now ransacked damn chest every week from when GH came out - and still nothing.
    In case like that if I had money to spend, Ill spend them. Sadly Im not one of the rich players :P.

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