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    Default just full of fail

    EDIT: calmer now; reading ftw: made a shard of masterful craftsmanship; pretty neat idea really. still... lots of borkness in cannith methinks.

    cannith crafted glaciation 60 handwraps of greater ice lore are min lvl 19;

    similar loot gen item with glaciation 78 (or so; same lore % too) is min lvl 16.

    simply unbelievable. I could be playing right now but chose to write this instead; thats how annoying this is.

    and now the augment slots are really making crafting even more pointless.


    pull the plug. nuke it from orbit. or fix it.

    give Artificers the ability to put slots in crafted gear. and craft augments (colorless, red, blue, and yellow).

    revise guild augments to perform like the new ones (swap when you want; where ever you want).

    and can my arty please fix completely broken items, or even just repair permanent damage? no? and he's a artificer? not really I guess.
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    With you on pretty much all points except the nuking it... I'd rather keep the severely screwed up system than see it go...

    Its really just because I have so much invested in it, though :P

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