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    Stuff by me. This is a holder thread contiaining links to various thread of note, builds, and other interesting informative or amusing things.

    Please reply to the individual threads linked within if you wish to comment on anything here.

    (ddo songs)
    (100 things im not allowed to do - in pen and paper games)

    Multiclassing & builds...
    (multiclassing for noobs: a guide to character builds)
    (house canith heir - a pre arti build that is still viable.)
    (cc focused pm wizard)
    (basic 28pt dwarven battle cleric)

    Sugestions and observations....
    (druid bear form tanking - a comparison issues and bugs)
    (improvements to mele tactics)
    (crafting suggestions)
    (D&D staples)
    (suggestions for class balance) Please note this is an OLD thread, its interesting to see how much I sugested here has found its way into epic destinies.
    (accessability options for disabled gamers)
    (stormreach librbay)

    Other peoples threads of worthy note...
    (easter eggs in ddo)
    (ddo album covers)
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    stuff by me:

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