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    Default Fenris Build(melee specialized wolf druid)

    I get a lot of questions when I'm in parties and the only one in front of me is the barbarian or that well built assassin in kill count or theres a barbarian and assassin and I'm ahead of both of them.

    here's how it's done. Learn from my mistakes.
    Helf, rogue dilettante, end of story. 3d6 sneak attack. You are a melee, this SA stacks with your wolf sneak attack and capstone, and you should have bluff pumped. This is "free" dps. You end up with 11d6 sneak attack. That's nothing to sneeze at.
    Don't think like a caster. You don't need quicken. Just get that out of your head. To do a melee wolf druid right you can't go half way. I've been screamed at by idiots that think otherwise, talk in party chat about how every druid MUST have it or they are gimp, and I beg to differ. They are stupid, don't understand wolf form, and are thinking like casters. I've taken quicken on one of my lives. Trust me. Total waste of a feat. I saw 0, ZERO, difference in spell failure. It doesn't add DPS, so why are you taking it?

    When you shield block in wolf form, you attack normally. Your heals won't get interrupted if you take concentration, max it, and when you are shield blocking, which should be 100% of the time. I've had 20 mobs on me and not failed heals when shield blocking and swinging the whole time without quicken. I've done a LOT of testing. There's NO penalty for sheild blocking in wolf form.

    If you don't believe me save quicken for when you start failing heals. You can always take it later. You won't fail heals if you heed my advice.

    Power Attack
    Shield Mastery
    Improved Shield Mastery
    3x natural fighting

    As a wolf druid, doublestrike is your bread and butter. Max it. Forget augment. you can't swap it out at fred (at least on my druid it's been bugged for both lives so far, Life 3? I've learned my lesson), and in EE content your pets are useless. Maximize because sometimes you will be casting for that extra bit of dps. May as well double your AOE dps and double your vigors.

    Personally I wouldn't build a melee druid with less than 32 pt build.
    16 str, 16 wis, 13 dex(for rogue dilly), 16 con, dump int, put the rest in charisma(for umd)

    Concentration, Bluff, UMD, Balance, in order of importance

    Weapon Type:
    Wall of wood, epic hard at least. You get heal amp, nice DR and you get more doublestrike when using a shield. You lose DPS by dual wielding or using handwraps.

    First off, forget about scimitar. You want to use clubs as a wolf form specialist melee druid. Remember in wolf form, the damage profile of your weapon is overridden by wolf form so that 20/X2 crit profile doesn't mean anything.

    Build yourself a Lit II sceptre. Huh? A sceptre? A sceptre is classed as a club as far as using it as a melee weapon. You can't build a greensteel club, so you are stuck with sceptre for a weapon you are both proficient in, and is wood (since it's treated as a simple club weapon type). This also opens up possibilities when picking up blanks for crafting because you can choose from clubs or sceptres for your crafted weapons.

    Why club? 3 reasons.

    The first one is Shillelagh. Adds .5(W) and doesn't work on scimitars because they are metal. Clubs and sceptres are wood and shillelagh only adds that half die on wood weapons.

    The second reason I'll get back to a little later when I talk about EDs, but it's a doozy.

    The third reason is druid is proficient in simple clubs and sceptres, but not anything else that's wood and allows you to use a shield.

    Clubs and sceptres can be crafted into DR breakers when they have a red augment slot. You can slot silver, cold iron, whatever in there. There are no transmuting clubs (they are wood!) so this is a requirement for cannith crafting blanks. Start collecting sceptres and clubs that have red augments if you are/have a crafter.

    Generic random loot gen clubs and sceptres with red augment slots can be had on the AH for between 500-10k plat. Way cheap!

    I know this is long winded so bear with me.

    Before we get started on EDs, you are going to need 19 fate points so start grinding.
    DPS Mode
    As far as I'm concerned, for DPS mode, the only ED that exists is dreadnought. I've tried them all 6 ways to sunday, including shiradi, primal gimp, and the rest. You have to be careful when configured for max dps. I don't use this in EE PuGs because it makes me a glass cannon, but you can romp all over EH content with it. I do better in EH raids, EH Tor and EE PuGs in a more tanked out ED, _unless_ it's a guild run and I have competent crowd control. The casters in my guild really know what they are doing so I max dps it in guild runs no matter what.

    1. Lightning Mace
    Remember reason 2 for using clubs? This is it. Electric damage works against pretty much 80% of mobs. Much more than fire does in end game content. PLUS, on vorpals you get a lightning strike proc. On all crits you get a 15% doublestrike bonus for 6 seconds 15%! For reasons outlined below you are critting for 300-680 (or 1,111 when your procs are all maxed) damage + 680 lightning strike + 680 lightning mace vorpals + holy burst + sneak attack. I've had this happen and doublestrike. you are sometimes looking at 6k damage on a single vorpal doublestrike when your Lit II also procs lightning strike.

    I've seen single numbers doublestriking in my damage stream of 1,111+yadda+yadda+yadda+yadda when everything is proc'ing. No it's not a 12k eSoS barbarian crit. However eSoS is an iWin button and druids can do more than 12k vorpals and knock stuff down, so I don't feel bad playing second fiddle to barbarians. A good assassin, pally or fighter has the potential to outkill this build but it doesn't happen much.

    2. Melee haste boost
    Anyone that's played a straight melee class knows how awesome this is. Once you've had it it's hard to live without. You get 8/rest in dreadnought if you take the +3 action boost on tier 1, which you should.
    3. Improved power attack.
    Adds another +.5(W) to power attack.
    4. Advancing blows
    +1 to hit and damage on crit, stacks 5x
    5. Devastating Critical
    +1 crit damage multiplier on 19-20 rolls
    6. Pulverizer
    +1 threat range with bludgeon weapon equipped.
    7. Volcano's edge
    Use this and a scimitar for mobs that are vulnerable to fire but not electric.

    1. Smite the Wicked +2(W)+7 attack (exalted angel)
    2. Shrouding Strike +3(W) attack (shadowdancer)
    3. Primal Scream
    Eats 18 fate points

    Tank Mode
    Tank it up. Get as much healing amp as you can. I have 10/20/30 + the enhancements.

    Without good crowd control you need this in EE.
    I simply don't die in most EE quests when I'm in sentinel and don't forget to put on my tanking gear. My DPS suffers substantially but no one seems to care when you finish off the mini boss and whatever mobs are left by yourself and get the party back up after they all die but you.
    I've done EE with
    player 1 6 deaths (I'm this guy in dreadnought, in an EE PuG without crowd control)
    player 2 6 deaths
    player 3 2 deaths
    player 4 2 deaths
    player 5 2 deaths
    me 0 deaths (in sentinel, EE PuGs)

    Happens this way more often than not.

    Lightning mace (of course)
    Shrouding strike
    That eats 19 fate points and you won't get another tier 1 twist so you are capped at 2. Maybe haste boost is better than shrouding strike, but I don't think so, not for tank mode.

    A highly specialized melee druid is quite potent. Especially when you consider he can do a lot more than just melee:
    1. heals (maximize + vigor = easy button)
    2. earthquake (in EH at least)
    3. mediocre aoe damage (less than a wizard, but still it's a lot of extra damage for a melee focused character)
    4. scroll res (reincarnate is useless)
    5. teleport (convenient!)

    It's 6 AM here, I need sleep. I'll cover gear tomorrow
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