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    Question Druid's Natural Attacks & Weapon Specialization?

    On the Unarmed page of the wiki it says:

    Driud's natural attacks, while not always bludgoning, are considered unarmed and they also benefit from feats that grant bonuses to Unarmed weapons, such as Weapon Focus:Unarmed (granted by Weapon_Focus:_Bludgeoning).
    What other "feats that grant bonuses to Unarmed weapons" might work?

    Would Weapon Specialization add damage to a druid's natural attacks?

    Weapon Specialization grants a bonus of +2 to damage with the chosen weapon type (thrown, ranged, bludgeoning, piercing or slashing). This feat can be taken multiple times, but only once for each weapon type.
    I supposed I could, in theory, pick Weapon Specialization: Bludgeoning. Or maybe Improved Critical: Bludgeoning? However, a druid's natural attacks are not always bludgeoning...
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    You won't reach the necessary requirements for Weapon Specialization (Fighter Lvl 4 + Weapon Focus) if you stay pure Druid or splash other Classes than min. 4 Fighter, but you can take IC:B when your BAB is high enough.

    All Monk Unarmed feats and Enhancements will be applied in Druid Animal Form. Due to a bug currently the Two Handed Fighting feats are also applied in Animal Form (and their penalties too when not taken and two Weapons equipped).

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