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    Default Some questions about Balizarde

    I've read it being referred to as the "one-handed eSoS"; is it, really, and what makes it such? Does it need to be max upgraded to shine? How much better (if at all) is it from, say, Drow Khopeshes, or 2wf Axe of Adaxus in Dreadnought w/ Headman's Chop?

    Edit: I just saw the x3 crit multiplier, my bad.
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    Looks like you at least partially answered your own question. So it's really a factor of multiplied effects. A "normal" epic rapier would be 2[d6], and this is 2.5[d8] with a rapier crit range but x3 multiplier. Add in hemorrhaging, and options for +8 bonus and red augment slot and it's pretty huge in damage. Then factor in Superior Parrying and +2 luck for +6 to saves; it's the icing on the cake.

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