Hello, guys.

I just came back from a year break from the game, and have played a TRed Wizard to lvl 9 now.
Though, I'm starting to miss the archery and all the tactical play that one had to take into consideration to get decent damage.

When I started this game, the first thing I had in mind was bow and arrow.
I have allways LOVED the concept, and think DDO has some interesting twists on the matter.

So I started playing a pure ranger. I had alot of fun, a bit boring with all the auto granted feats, but hey! I had a bow in my hands atleast.
Then the real letdown came. I was granted Two Handed Fighting.
I was like, uuuummm... yeah.. I allways hated melee in most games. So i'll just skip the whole thing and shoot some arrows.
If I wanna melee, I would just roll something different, like a Monk.
I kept the mindset throughout lvl 1-20, and found myself in a jack off all trades.

I was really let down at that point, and started playing a Wizard. Who was much easier to place in a oriented group of players.
It was fun ofc, but I allways missed that bow.
Must say it was a big factor for me quitting the game for as long as i did.

But now I'm Back! And I'm ready to experiment and make an Archer that fits my playstyle.
Obviously, I want to do next to NO MELEE AT ALL.
I can remember how hard it was to discuss this NO-MELEE mindset with people on the forums, allways advising me to get some melee when key abilities was on CD.
And they definetely have a point. Archery has difficulties keeping up with DPS when they are down.
But I have allways loved to play tactical. Allways loved to look for something that might work out and be different.
And thats why I love DDO. Multiclassing is absolutely fantastic.

So, how to think and set up a build that is ment for just that. Be versatile and shoot arrows.
I remember experimenting with Rogue and Monk.
Rogue. For some great versatility in skillpoint selection and some cool Sneak Attack.
Monk. For good defences and saves, with cool speed and abundant step.
In the end, I think I ended up with Monk to better handle Aggro situations, and not die when they stated hitting me.
Because, let's face it, people HATE running after mobs that an AA is kiting!
I remember I had to get Manabar and Mental Toughness (Arcane Prodigy) to qualify for AA.
I've allways loved Elf as a race, and have allways chosed it.
I remember wanting to splash rogue at the time, to get traps and stuff. Though I allways ended up spreading myself to thin on ability scores...

Thats about what I can gather from ontop off my head right now. I know I have plenty more info tucked away in my brain.
So, with all that said, I would like these factors to be the build i end up with:
- Elf
- Archery only
- Good versatility in Skill selection. I would love to have UMD as a favored class!
- Have good defensive options to fall back on when I grab aggro, and don't wanna kite.

I am also thinking about TRing this guy several times if I can find something that works.
Meaning lvl 21-25 is not really interesting yet. So let's stay with lvl 1-20.
But I don't really wanna play a rush build, that is just meant to reach lvl 20 asap to just TR at the spot.
I like to have some fun at the end aswell, gather some Plat and gear for comming lives.

That's all I wanted to say. Now, do you wanna help me with my AA?