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    Default Build Request - Bard

    Hey there, I would like to roll up a new character and have a specific idea in in mind. I had this kind of charcater when the cap was 12 so it was much simpler then. I left the game for a while and still don't know that much about the newer classes and skills etc so I am asking for help.

    I would like to build the Ultimate Sidekick. My original Build was 10/2 Bard/Rogue Halfling. The Rogue meant I could get traps and chests for the Hero, the Bard meant I could buff like crazy and Heal. The Halfing was for the Heroe's Companion Enhancments.

    I'd like to re-visit this kind of multi-purpose character. I don't know though given the state of the game if I can build a fully capable trapper plus Healbot plus fully capable Fascinate. think Heroes Companion is probably not worth it these days so it wouldn't have to be a halfling. Would Bard/Arti be better combo? One problem is this guy will do very little damage so would using repeaters be a way to get some dps out of him?

    I really don't know so I ask the Bards, Rogues, Artys or the world to help me out and give me a build that might work. IM VIP and I'm ok with TRing as well so assume you can use any class, any race and 36pt builds.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Have a look at the brilliant axesinger and variants, just do a search & you will get loads of results.

    12 starting INT on a non human bard with rogue levels will give you skill points enough to top out search, disable, perform, UMD and one more class skill (balance, concentration etc). Just take rogue first and put 4 points into open locks - will be enough for almost every locked obstacle.

    Even if you dump DEX, you will end up with a workable reflex. If you go TWF, all the better.

    Halflings actually work very well because of the sneak attack bonuses and saves.
    15 bard/2 fighter or ranger or barb/3 rogue is a good split for maximising halfling advantages.

    Good luck! It is a great fun build. Very capable, very survivable, and everyone loves a bard in the party!

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    Bard 16 / rog 2 / ftr 2 is still a solid, effective combo. It hasn't been updated in a long while, but the Diva's Bard Love Guide is still a good place to start shopping for bard builds.
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    Something I'm gonna try in TR is a Human 13 Bard / 7 Rogue. Start and end with Rogue, for each level in Rogue 2 in Bard.

    Thinking 2HF with Master's Touch.

    14 Int for most skills.

    You have capable healing, trap everything and average DPS.

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    IMO, human or horc is a must for Dragonmark of Finding.

    Human splashing 2+ arti for repeaters is a build I've seen some of, and it's pretty solid.

    Melee horcs aren't bad either, but they are somewhat difficult to build with all the tradeoffs you have to make.

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