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    Default Harlem Shake - Sarlona

    Ok guys, for my next video I would like to do the Harlem Shake, DDO style.

    This will be held at House P - Livewood Theater on Tuesday, March 19th, at 1:00pm EST (check back to thread for any updates/changes).


    There will be one person dancing while all other game characters are in the background acting as though they are talking to one another using "/show" and "/shakehead", etc commands and/or sitting or sleeping. Until the main portion of the song comes on, which at this point everyone will be /dancing or "shadowing" *wink wink* other characters for humor.

    Goal: This will be entered in the next upcoming Turbine DDO video contest, and will also add some views for DDO love on Youtube to hopefully bring some more players to this wonderful game. The goal is to have as many players as we can for added effect.

    Need: All classes are welcome, especially bards and anyone else who can perform crazy actions for the dancing part. Dress your character in the most boring or subtle attire, and then switch to a crazy Mask, Pet, or just sport your good ol' starter rags.

    Hope to see many of you on.

    Organization: To better organize this so that there's not too much chaos, we will be splitting into multiple raid parties, the leader of your raid party will be communication with me in a ventrilo or other teamspeak channel so that we can time everything correctly.

    Please sign up here below and also try to arrive 15 minutes prior to filming. We are aiming to start at 1:00pm EST. Tell all your friends and guildies if they can join as well. This should take no longer than 20 minutes to film, and then you can all go back to your grind.

    If you haven't seen the fad on youtube of these videos, just google "Harlem Shake Youtube" and view some for yourself to see what it's all about.

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    If you'd have done this 2 weeks ago, I'd be all over it. Unfortunately I personally feel this has been beaten to absolute death already, with no need to revisit it.

    I hope you get a good response though, nice to see someone doing community type stuff on Sarlona.

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    Half Elven /taunt FTW!
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    Do this on a weekend and Im there. 1PM on a weekday alot of people are at work.
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    Default Brilliant

    Character Compendium
    Sarlona*Eternal Wrath

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    Sorry, been suggested and no one seemed to be interested.

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    I might be able to, depending on work (It will be 18:00 here in the Netherlands at GMT+1).

    I take it you will post up lfm's ?
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