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    I was curious if anyone tried using dual hooked blades (Khopeshes) from Attack on Stormreach chain for EE and switching to max dps weapons afterwords? Or is the loss of DPS too great to warrant doing this?

    I can see cleaving to be useful as well as servicible to builds whose main source of dps is coming from SAs.

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    The DPS is kind of lacking but try it out anyway. I know that in POP it was hilarious chopping a limb off of the efreeti and watch him travel and cast super slow.

    Also, unless they fixed it, it is fun to chop off the limb of a buddy in a PVP area that wants to show you his new tricks. He'll have to log out if he wants his limb back :P

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    Limbchopper is great in EE - been using it for a while now. Alot of the other overlooked abilities like tendon slice and crippling are good for the same reasons.
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