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    Hi i just had a couple quick nooby ED questions

    1. The spelpower given by fey visions, sixth sense, and fey form is of what type elec, cold, sonic, all what? Also what type of spellpower is it? What does and doesnt it stack with?

    2.When you twist an ability that has more than one tier, and each tier costs more desinty points do you only get the first tier? How does it work?

    TY in advance

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    Hello there I hope my following answer is right and will answer your questions.

    1. Fey visions seem to add to general spellpower, which would affect every elements (possibly light/neg as well). If I could, I would hop in the game and look at my spellpower while I toggle it on or off. You should try that for more accuracy

    2. If you mean the tier of one ability (5% - 10% - 15%)
    When you twist an ability, it will be as good as the points you have put in it, for the same number of fate point.
    So tier 1 or tier 3 of lets say energy burst is gonna cost the same fate points to acquire (1 slot). Though you need to have it leveled to tier 3 in draconic.

    Hope that makes sens.
    Sorry bout the language I tried to clean it a little

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    1- If it doesn't specify which spellpower it raises, then it raises all of them.

    2- When you twist an ability, you twist in however that ability looks on your destiny sheet. If you only put 1 point in, then you will only get tier1. If you took it to tier3, then it will be tier3 when you twist it as well.
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