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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post
    I very strongly urge you to use neither of those khopeshes. Just because they were hard to acquire doesn't mean they are any good.I very strongly urge you to consider Shadowdancer instead. SnB DPS has come a long way, but being able to pump out 21 * 1.9 * TWF speed still blows it away.
    I've come to understand what Andy (ayspam) meant a few months back.. he played hardcore for years and now he just want to enjoy the game.
    I feel the same about enjoying the game. I want to play a new, fun and survivable toon that makes use of TWF weapons (TWF is a playstyle I haven't really explored - at least on a max gear/max PL toon).
    Epic chaosblades and alchem might not be the top trash DPS weapon anymore but they 1. look cool, 2. provide DR breaking (alchems), 3. good cc (alchems) and 4. I'm proud of them and I want to use them.
    I really have no clue why shadowdancer would be better than blitz for the build - can you explain?

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    I have a third life Human twf Paladin 15/monk 3/rogue 2 , and although im focused on unarmed combat with 63 sf dc, I have tested him using a pair of tinahs and morhns with pulverizer or morhn/balizarde/nightmare with ravager set, seal avithoul (20 sa dmg), Eclaw set, planar focus set, 50 str, etc; I personally like the DoS stance + LD destiny because is a very good combo of survivality (not only gives you the chance to keep your tanking abilities but it has very good inherent abilities) + dps (haste boost+ human verIV+ damage boost+ lay waste, master blitz, etc), the other combo I use sometimes is Hotd+ FOTW with overhelming force + adrenaline + exalted smite for some CC and is good too but Imo, I like to have both options available so I recommend getting shield mastery and be able to switch between Hotd and DoS for fun.

    About Shadowdancer, I havent tried that destiny yet, not very fan of just a little more SA damage and ddoor (maybe if i get a pair of celestias but still will need to get imp crit pierce so meh, also I already have evasion), although I understand that LD and FoTW loses some power on twf style (because adrenaline and Momentum swing dont have offhand procs and also because autocleaving on THF style gives more attack speed), shadowdancer almost requires to be on Hotd or Kotc prestiges to not get aggro also reducing by a good marging your hitpoints and tanking ability.
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    Shadowdancer (6d6 sneak) might be decent with Sense Weakness and Balanced Attacks (20 = free sneak attacks) twisted? Although 19 fate points is a lot for your third character....

    Although I think you can almost get the same damage in Unyielding against evil targets with 2d6 holy, 1d6 pure good if you twist Sense Weakness and Tunnel Vision (1d12 is almost equal to 2d6) for only 12 fate points. Plus you get regenerating LOH and immunity to knockdown.

    I still think you are best off in Fury. You can twist haste boost or balanced attacks, regeneration cocoon, and brace for impact for 11 fate points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symerith View Post
    I really have no clue why shadowdancer would be better than blitz for the build - can you explain?

    -Even for THF, the Cleave-Cleave-MS-LW combo lowers single target DPS. It obviously does so to an even greater degree for TWF. This is an empirically verified fact. What follows is IMO.
    -Action Hero only gives a gain if you aren't expending all your ABs anyway, which I find pretty easy to do even on a fighter.
    -Blitz is awesome but requires finesse. Tactical maneuvers represent a DPS loss during continuous combat, in a group it's not as reliable to land the exact killing blow, the worthy opponent requirement is surprisingly picky, de facto cut scenes and zoning et al can play havoc on your stack, you can't preload a second Blitz.

    Outside of those, LD boils down to 9.5 damage (IPA, Advancing, and 2 {imo} Str) and Devastating Critical for +.1 * base. 21 sneak attack damage means your base damage needs to be in the triple digits to catch SD, and it's not. Fortification is a concern, but (1) SD has 15% Fort bypass and (2) it's a concern for anyone using DC/OC khopeshes.


    boredman brings up a good point in aggro management, but it's very easy to acquire a Deception item. Golden Guiles drop pretty easily or you can just AH a Seal of House Avithoul. Since I found out the graphic for it scales to opponent size, I plan to test it out on Sobrien (our epic Vale rat), but even without hard figures you can get a lot of SA uptime with aggro. (Presumably it would be even better if multiple party members brought Deception items, but that is not necessary to the central point.)

    Maddong brings up a very good point in that Shadowdancer is more twist-intensive to reach its ceiling, there's no arguing that especially for a paladin with no native Haste Boost. Still, I think a player willing to grind out multiple Epic Chaosblades is not terribly averse to grinding out a few more Fate Points.

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