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YA i don't understand why they didn't just price everything they made purchasable with AS into TP to begin with would have made more sense with less work. Kinda like need to swap a feat 15TP or 100k(hahaha 100k)
Because most people understand the real cost of TP (100TP is approximately 1 dollar). In order for people to buy and spend more astral shards, its best to dissassociate them from that easy conversion to real cash.

Answer quickly if you can:

how many $ are 600TP worth?

how many $ are 150 shards worth?

If you were able to answer the 2nd question, did you first convert the shards to TP to then work out the $ cost? If so, thats exactly what Turbine is counting on by making it harder for you to work out the real cost of the item.