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    Default Looking for good guild that regularly runs together

    I started playing DDO in January of 2012. I shortly after joined my current guild, and loved it because everyone was willing to help eachother and we ran together as a guild daily.
    Things have changed... people have moved on to other guilds and it's just not the same anymore. I don't feel at "home" in this guild and other than the occasional guild run, I find myself pugging most of the time.
    I'm NOT looking for a guild that will take absolutely anyone (templar comes to mind).. I am looking for a guild that takes pride in their members and still finds the time to help one another and run together on a regular basis.
    I currently have 3 epic-level characters, though I am considering TRing one of them in the near future.
    If you think that your guild might work mutually for us, please reply below or send me a message.

    I am not VIP, but I do own most of the higher level content.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Templar is still recruiting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiahooJunk View Post
    Templar is still recruiting!

    Also he did mention Templar in the OP.
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    Hello there. Platinum Knights is always recruiting. Give us a look.

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    The Silver Legion, the online avatar of Guild Medieval.

    We are mature, helpful, have people playing all hours of the day at all levels.

    We do not take just anyone. Your journey starts by checking out to see if we are right for you.
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    Check our page. it maybe what you're looking for.

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