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    Default Deadly Kinetics VI Min lvl 19?

    Deadly Kinetics VI Min lvl 19?

    All the Deadly enhancements are lvl 18 except this one. What gives?

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    all of the force enhancements are 1 level higher for some reason.

    maybe it's supposed to prevent splashes out of cleric being too scary or something, i'm not really sure.

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    I think it's because force is universally useful due to almost no mobs being immune to it. My only wish is we had Isaac's Lesser/Greater Missile Storm and a full compliment of Bigby's spells to go along with it. The only real useful force spell arcanes (not including artificers) have is disintegrate (which isn't really force, but untyped) and the occasional force/chain missiles which don't do much damage in end-game.

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    Default Also

    Don't forget the force components to meteor swarm and ice storm

    Evocation archmagi also get a nice amount of predictable damage with: meteor swarm, ice storm, magic missile, force missiles, chain missiles, and then SLA: mm, chain-m, arcane bolt, and arcane blast paired with Shiradi procs

    Artificer runearm force imbue tiers also give slightly less damage for equivalent elemental tiers due to the universal power of force, and there is no "force/impulse mastery" suffix likely due to the relative power of force.
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