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Thread: Goodbye DDO

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    Quote Originally Posted by count_spicoli View Post
    Mmmm.... About real life

    Your going to get a better job only to find out your boss hates you and will torment you daily

    You will meet a nice girl and go for a drive in the country side pn a beautiful day only to get in a car accident and gwt sued

    Later you will find that nice girl cheating on you with your best friend.

    To drown your sorrows you will catch up with all the new friends you have and have a few drinks only to get pulled over and get a dui.

    After all that you know what will still be there for you DDO. Its few bugs and all.
    DANG...this could be the lyrics of a Country/Western song about
    "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." - Ernest Hemmingway

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    Great post Mech.

    I had the pleasure of running with you a few times over the years, but not since MotU dropped. The runs were always a success, and great fun as well. Unfortunately, this is not the game it once was, and I can see why you are ready to move on.

    If you bother reading this thread, don't sweat the trolls. Some of them are so emotionally and psychologically dependent upon this game that the mere mention of someone moving on is more than they can handle. If nothing else, the classless ones who talk about being classy will at least provide a parting laugh as you walk out the door.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Mech -

    I will miss you on the forums if you stop posting.

    Roads wind and twist. Perhaps one day the road brings you back here or we will meet in another place; until that day, I wish you all the best.
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    *insert a darth vader nooo*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyr View Post
    Sorry Thrudh, but not everyone feels the same way you do. Expressing their opinions does not make them classless. It makes them honest.
    Apparently, criticism is now "classless." Didn't anyone tell you?

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    Best of luck to you Mech, you wonderful dinosaur.
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    Default you will be remembered

    Awesome post Mech, you verbal beast. Good luck with those chinese student chicks and with career aswell. Maybe you'll come back some day, after you get divorced and fired x) Good times we had, i may follow your path some day, just not quite yet.. need.. grind.. moar..
    - a tribe called zerg - cannith -

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    Mech (or Modron as I knew you),

    I remember you providing me advice on HP and playstyle when I was a first life wizard,
    I remember looking up to you as something that I could aspire to in game,
    I remember you being in the first PUG I joined (Red Fens chain, running all flagging quests so a newbie (Me) could also run the finale)

    I appreciated the help, your demeanor and knowledge made you someone the server will miss. I wish you all the best in your travels.

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    Red face

    If it leads to something better for you, I'll gladly take the blame, but knowing DDO I'll be blamed for it anyway xD
    GL and you have my best of wishes Mech, I'll miss getting random tells about how everything is my fault.

    The Photomancer, Zerg Tribe's resident piking pirate.
    (Tell): Abbinormal tells you, 'thank you for opening my eyes to what people think of teamwork, for bringing to the light what this game really is, have it all you want, as soon as i log out, I am removing this garbage from my computer'

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    It's been a pleasure running with you, Mech. I wish you the best in all you do.

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    Another late nighter gone .... will miss running with you Mech ... All the best in real life.
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    I had this really long, really witty post in mind and then I realized, "LOL I'm not even playing anymore!" I didn't quit. I'm just not playing and for many of the same reasons you (the OP) mentioned... except the real life thing. I'm retired. I don't need a real life. I keep checking in by reading Dev Tracker and scanning over posts looking for a reason to log in and play. The problem is, every time I check in I keep finding the opposite. However I digress.

    Good luck and safe travels,
    "That's right, remember there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over..." ~ Heavenly Bank Account by Frank Zappa
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    We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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