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Thread: missing robe..

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    Default missing robe..

    am not sure about this, but ddo cast this week suggest that all missing robe have been return.. but my haven't... am i the only one? or they haven't done returning all robes yet? thanks
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    Nope I haven't received mine as well still waiting!
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    I'm still waiting for the 6 that I'm missing. One of my toons got a vendored trashed outfit back.

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    Me too. Three toons who were actually using outfits still haven't got them back. Another got back a trash one she hadn't vendored yet.
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    My main that has been a wf caster for at least 6 months recieved lots and lots of outfits 50 + ! Now he hasnt equiped any outfits obviously and any that he has looted he sold and he had none at all in the bank or inventory.

    My monk that lost all its outfits got nothing.......
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    Default Still missing Turbine please respond

    Copy of post @ received my 250 points A copy was also sent to Cordovan..

    Having not received either Points or outfits for my 4 monks.. which path should travel ?

    rage the Forums.

    Wait { need/insert tic - tock sound } for Turbine to post instructions.. DAYS, WEEKS...

    Troll the boards and complain..

    What should be the correct time frame to complain?

    Pull my Account. And go on with life, it is a game.

    I am the owner operator of a small business myself. I have seen changes in customer needs, desires, and just plain "wants!". For me, over the life span of this game, a lot has changed for both of our companies.

    This last month or so can not have been one of your better time periods. Several different things have not performed "quite "right", or down right BLEW UP something. Others, have preformed Very well, I Guess.

    My demographic is A "VIP" (see start date), Owner of Menace of the Underdark Collector's Edition, Otto's Box and a running Buyer of TP Points and (I had just purchases Otto's box before seeing this post) "At this time the 250 Turbine Point distribution has completed. Thank you for your patience while we distributed all these points," This has reached a new TP (tipping Point) for me. Where the response from Turbine having to due with the latest loss of outfits and TP's will decide my fate with your company.

    Ultimately How I spend my time and money depends on how that company treats its customer base and "ME".

    <Takes in DEEP breath><Chants "this is a game">
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    I decided I'd had enough of waiting today...

    My Wizard Franq {Sarlona Server} had still not got his Fearsome of Heavy Fort Outfit back!

    So I put in a New Ticket {note NOT a Bug Report} - Within 5 minutes I got a standard message that the GMs were still working on outfits.

    20 minutes later I had mail - 2 Outfits were returned incl. said Fearsome of Hvy Fort.

    GM who contacted me = Brynner {What a GM!}

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