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    Default Another returning player lookin for friends/guild

    Afternoon folks,

    I am returning to DDO after several years away(work, wife, kid, etc) and have been enjoying the game for about a week. So far, my career has been mostly solo due to relearning the game-play mechanics and what not, but I would like to find a guild, or at least a few friends to adventure with now and then.

    I have had a dozen or so guild invites in the past week, but personally, I refuse to join a guild that throws out blind invites to people that they have not grouped with(or even spoken to in these instances). In past experience, that always leads to a lot of people that only have a guild name in common, and nothing else. I don't know when blind invites became so common(in all games), but I just can't bring myself to like the idea.

    That being said, I do want to put some 'social' in my game. I do have some quirks(obviously) that may be relevant depending on the guild:

    I don't do voice-chatting, I will listen if someone else is using it, but my replies will be typed.

    I would prefer(at least the first time) to take the dungeons slowly. They were built to be enjoyed, and I would like to be able to do so. There have been many new dungeons and changes to the old ones since I played last, and I like to learn them.

    I am not a power-gamer or an elite raider. I build my character to be what I want, not what always works best. When I have time, I love the longer raids, but unfortunately, I don't always have the time for it. Also, family comes first, so any mandatory events may be tough.

    I know that is a fairly long list, but I prefer to be upfront.

    On the plus side, I do play almost every night from 9pmCCST to 12amCST and longer on the weekends. I have no problem helping while I am on, whether it advances my character or not. I don't expect items or coin or any type of hand-out, earning new equipment is part of the fun for me. I am happy to learn from more experienced players, since the last thing anyone wants is a wipe caused by lack of knowledge. As far as role-playing, it is not a requirement, but I will happily adapt to the level the guild/group prefers.

    If anyone would like to get a better idea of who I am(basically a grouchy old man in a middle-aged body), feel free to contact me here or in game. I only have one character at this time...not much on alts either, lol.

    Grynnyl Human Level 5(4Ranger/1Rogue)

    Thanks for reading such a long post, and safe journeys to ya...
    ....For Within the Circle of His Sword, There Is Each Man a King....

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    The Order of Cygnus is a casual guild for casual players. A lot of us are refugees from the old pen & paper days (2nd Ed. myself). We are adults with lives and jobs and understand those come before gaming and are probably nowhere close to being a hardcore raiding guild. What we are, is a pretty close knit group of players that has been together for over 3 years now, and there is a lot of good-nature'd ribbing at each other's expense.

    I like to call us Sarlona's Halfway Home for casuals. We're currently guild level 68, and have all the necessary ship buffs as well as tier I & II Shroud altars. We NEVER boot inactive members. Will we ever reach level 80? Maybe not. Will we ever hit 100? I wouldn't hold your breath. But, can't log in for a few months? Members of The Order will always have a home and an Airship waiting for them if and when they return to the game.

    We also have a very cool custom website and our own forums. Win-win right there.

    Check it out here, and fill out an application if interested in membership.

    In-game, look for any of the officers listed here or send me a PM.

    Have fun storming the castle!

    Morgulion • Romenion • Valmyrion • Vanielle • Zandrine • Zeldaryne • Zinnuviel

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