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    Default Over Raided / AA solo EE Dragons

    So, today morning I didnt really have much to do and while reading forums I found a thread by Zonixx and figured that it could be fun to try soloing dragons in EE TOR.

    Black dragon took me only 1 attempt. It wasnt very hard, but the fact that the giant was spamming heal on himself and dragon, made prepping them a bit annoying.

    Blue dragon was by far the hardest. It took me 3 attempts to get it done. Even with improved evasion the traps were pretty annoying and those air elems were just driving me nutts !

    White dragon took me 2 attempts. This fight wasnt very difficult, but on my first try I got stunned and killed just as I was about to drop the bosses. On 2nd try I was paying more attention to those boulders that giant was throwing my way and got it done.

    Yes, I know that doing it with reentries is kinda meh. :P

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    I'm not sure you have enough scarabs

    I would give you accolades, but you know you are awsome already.

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    Well done sir

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    Nice work. Re-entries may be meh, but on EE dragons I would have expected them because of the many things that work against a flawless run.
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