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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    Beat it 5 times. None of those groups did we have much ranged dps. Melee works fine and doesnt need to that high either, we generally only have 1-2 really dps specd chars, a paladin, bard and couple clrs, that insane fury burst manyshot dmg is nice, but unneccesary. Tanking the blue dragon in melee is pretty tough and requires some serious stats, but yea I manage it with some solid healing.
    Yeah I can agree with ya that it takes solid dps.

    I know I joke withya in the forums...but really, not many people's melee DPS is built like yours.

    Have MYDDOd ya many times Axer. I still refer to your "How To Barb" thread when I come across PUG Barbs that forsake the important things.

    One thing (from a healer's perspective). Healing amp keeps you alive (which I know you specc/build for it) along with saves and tactics (I mean don't get triple attacked to the face by an ogre for instance).

    I am putting this out there in case a random person I may one day PUG with can see it.
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    Default Very impressive

    Great job that's awesome!
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    Gratz OP.

    I ran this last night for the first time on my cleric who is only lvl 23, has no twists yet and still wearing very sub par gear and definitely was tough to solo heal in blue. We managed white and black but couldn't nail blue. A lot of incoming damage in there and hard to keep up with it. I'm still trying to improve my skills as being healer. Overall was really fun and the challenge was great. I think they did a great job with everything in TOR difficulty/loot wise. This quest has definitely revived itself as one of the best quests in the game.
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