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    Cool Crystal Cove Crafting

    Make sure you are getting the most out of Crystal Cove crafting with these guides from DDM's Realm. There is tons of great gear for all character levels and classes. The pirate hats can be pretty powerful and everyone should have them handy for the Cannith Kobold challenges and the Crystal Cove challenges.

    Here is what you will need:

    Good luck! Time to get pimped out!
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    not a bad reference link for crafting and info, similar to the ddowiki only with more advertising.

    Unforutantely when I look at the cove stuff I see....
    BTC, BTC, BTC, 5500 Shards...Shared cooldown, BTC, BTC, ...

    Nope, I'm out.
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    Were these even updated in the last two years? The publish date says 2/2011 - I did just try to go confirm myself before posting, but I'm now unable to load the site for some reason. True, not much has changed, but if you are going to promote these, it would be good to include the new items and discussion on xp and stars based on how it works now.
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