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also collecting Green dragonshards has been nerfed Majorly, you used to get what ever optional amount you had collected at the end, for like 100-200 extra dragon shards on top of the regular 100 required, regardless of where you were at when time ran out.

But now, stupidly if your at 180/300, you only get the default 100, which for 300 is an impossible goal to hit in 20 minutes at any rate, you'd need a 25-30 minute runs to hit 400 total, if 100 + 200 occasionally in 20*

1 compass for 100 dragonshards for 20 minutes of work seems pointless, what is the point of an event, if you nerf it to a pure grind, no fun any more... compared to being able to earn 250 dragonshards on a good run, 100 + 150

xp is low anyhows, likely better off doing something else with our time this week
Previously the max you could get was 300. You had to run it 5 levels above the highest character level and collect the maximum allowed coins of 300. 100 for the union, 200 for your group x 50% bonus for the 5 level differential.

There were plenty of groups who would hit that in 10 minutes and get fairly annoyed that they were forced to spend 10 more minutes in a quest and get no added benefit. This change allows you to collect more than you previously could.

During the preview day, I ran it twice (solo), collected less coins than I would normally have had to and walked away with 196 each run. I didn't collect 296 in total value of crystals. I was fairly rusty and not running an ideal solo character in there, so I also wasn't killing any extra mobs.

This is just one guys perspective, but so far it is better.