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    Smile Solo Elite Weapons Shipment with lvl 16 Melee toon

    For fun, I felt I could solo Weapons Shipment elite (Level 19+2) as a melee toon when I reached level 16 and had the gear I wanted.

    Apparently my biggest enemy was my gear breaking down... 3 got totally broken. Good thing I had some backup gear.

    I had a hireling (Lvl 16 Althea) to keep NPC Liella alive and dismissed hireling when I reached assault area.

    I'm a Heal amp build. I generally kept myself alive with Vampiric wraps, Fist of Light, Cure Light Wounds, and assorted gear guards (Invisibility Guard, Earthen Guard, GS Conc Opp), and UMDing wand/scrolls.

    There were times I let myself be surrounded by 10+ mobs and I'd attack away and my vampirism/fist of light/guards were much more than mob damages

    Here's a nod to Divine Pheonix ( and the previous Solar Pheonix which inspired me to try a Heal amp build.

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    Grats its fun doing things that are way higher level

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