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    Hi there, it's time for another boring "help me with my equipment" thread.
    First things first: The equipment suggestions I'm looking for do not have to be the "best-in-slot" types. In quite a lot of cases it will be difficult for me to meet the grindy requirements due to my unusual and unregular playing times. This means that I almost exclusively pug. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for instant gratification, but merely a good balance. It doesn't have to be the best, but merely a good and efficient setup, that is not too much trouble to acquire.

    Relevant Adventure packs:
    MoTU expansion
    The Druid's Deep
    Vault of Night
    Vale of Twilight
    Demon Sands
    Secrets of the Artificers
    Necro IV
    Devil Assault
    Phiarlan Carnival
    Sentinels of Stormreach
    Red Fens
    Devils of Shavarath

    Next: The toon. She's a first life (28 pts, +2 tomes in everything but dex) Clr 19/Wiz1 currently at lvl 23, with EA Destiny at level 5 (not yet maxed though). She's built as a standard caster with feats in spell pen (took epic at lvl 21).

    My current Equipment and comments:

    Head: Minos Legens
    It was good while it lasted, but I feel it's time to move on. Toughness effect is covered by my current armor, but Heavy Fort needs to be included somehow. Helm of the Blue Dragon looks nice, I'll have to get her into the new Tor now that her lvl is adequate. In the meantime, I was thinking of the PDK Helm from Eveningstar. This would replace the Con on my belt, freeing that up for Heavy Fort. But in the end, I don't really gain anything from this little shuffle (except +2 insightful Str. yay.)

    Goggles: Greensteel SP, Tier 2
    At the current rate, I will upgrade this to ConcOpp in about a year or two... This one is fine, any replacement will make me have to start it all over.

    Neck: Symbol of the Shinig Sun
    The Clerics of Amaunator set is pretty good and ridiculously cheap. Especially the set bonus will make me think twice of replacing any of the three items... Shame that there's no augment slots though...

    Armor: Breastplate of the Shining Sun
    It's not too bad, but I'm not exactly happy with this armor. If it weren't for the set bonus, I'd replace this with the new Elfcrafted as soon as possible, and Flawless Blue Dragonplate whenever I get enough scales (i.e. within this decade probably). I really miss my old arcane lore... Btw, I really despise wearing robes (curse you WoW!), so the heavier the armor, the better. Just one of my quirks. Alright, so I do have a lootgen Deathblock robe. But I hate every second I'm wearing it.

    Trinket: Shamanic Fetish
    At least once I hit lvl 24. This is an ok placeholder for the Holy Symbol of Lolth. Knowing my drop luck, I will most likely have to buy that from the AH once I can afford it (I'm not a billionaire, you know).

    Cloak: Nothing really. Lootgen Resistance +7, for that +1 to saves...
    I'm really at a loss here. Even Cannith crafting is worthless on cloaks. Any other choices? The Ghost-Waking cloak from the new Crucible maybe? Or the caster cloak from the Eveningstar challenges? I don't know.

    Bracers: Cannith crafted Greater Evocation Bracers of [something useless], with a (still empty) yellow augment slot
    Ignoring the useless suffix for a second, this isn't totally bad. Any ideas on what to slot into it? (crystals are still expensive, so replacing it every other day is not an option). Any ideas for a useful suffix?

    Gloves: Purple Dragon Gauntlets
    Mainly for the +2 Insightful Constitution and 30% Healing Amp, this isn't too bad.

    Belt: Lootgen +6 Constitution of Balance
    This just doesn't cut it anymore. Belt seems like the easiest slot to replace the Heavy Fort from my Helm. My long-term goal might include a GS HP item, probably MinII (but that might take a while...).

    Ring 1: Signet of the Shining Sun
    This one's fine I guess. See above.

    Ring 2: Cannith crafted Necromany Focus of Concentration
    Will replace with Greater Necro Focus as soon as my crafting skills allow it. I could always bribe a friendly crafter, but I kinda believe in the do-it-yourself approach. The suffix is redundant right now, but there are some actual *gasp* choices this time... Any suggestions? Improved False Life looks tempting (Greater will take a while...)

    Boots: Boots of the Woodsman
    For Striding (and +2 Insightful Dex). Cannith Propulsion Boots perhaps? I don't know.

    Weapons: level appropriate Devotion DAxe + Wall of Wood (ML 17 heroic one, will have to upgrade a little I suppose)
    level appropriate Radiance + Impulse Thaumaturgy stick of something or other
    Lootgen Smiters, Disruptors, Banishers... most of which are rotting in my inventory for 99% of the time...
    I'm almost tempted to buy the High Road of Shadows adventure pack for the Forgotten Light, but I usually make it a point of not buying packs solely for one specific item... Your suggestions?

    Did I forget anything? Oh yes, this whole augment thing is pretty new to me (never had the chance to experience the old system either). So, on top of any equipment suggestions, I'd also really appreciate suggestions for relevant augment crystals...
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