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    Default Trade List by Gordy.

    Contact me either here or ingame (Please send ingame mail to either Agordmils or Schrodingers) on Agordmils, Agordmil, Byoh, Schrodingers, Crocodylia, or Zufallig.
    Items in RED are items which are currently bound and would need to be shard exchanged.

    Looking For:

    +3 Int Field Optics (X2)
    Ottos Box
    Turbine Point codes

    Hearts of Wood (+0 and +1 valued at same value, +3 valued higher, Lesser/Greater at same value)

    Anything of Value assuming that I want/need it.

    Items for trade

    Haunted Halls
    Lantern Ring



    Giants Fist

    Epic Gianthold

    Epic Elite (ML25)

    Axe of Adaxus x2
    Skyvault Shield

    Epic Hard (ML24)

    Menace of the Underdark / stuff

    Treads of Falling Shadow(EE)

    Ebberon Named Loot


    Loot Gen

    +4 to +5 Upgrade Tome (Wis, Str, Cha)

    Large Slot Dwarven Axe
    Med Slot Outfit
    11 Int / Wizardry X Necklace
    10 Dex / Seeker 10 Compass
    10 Cha / Wizardry X Compass
    125% Fort / 50hp Bracers
    10 Deadly / Wizardry X Goggles
    10 Str / Speed X Boots
    10 Dex / 10 Dodge Gloves
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