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    Default Enhancement questions

    I am planning to run a 18/2 Druid/Monk for my druid PL. I ran similar builds for both of my cleric and FvS PLs and I loved it. The toon's final life will be monk, so I have lots of great monk gear (Frozen Tunics, Cove gloves, GS Min2, Tharnes, handwraps, etc...).

    I plan to run this toon in elemental form once she hits lvl 15 so I will take the three TWF feats. I keep debating on fire or ice form. The frozen tunic (lvl 16 version w/ master shard to use at 14) allows me to easily slot the cold spell power and crit. I will need to rely on caster weapons for fire if I go that route. I would love to play fire to get the fires of purity and the moving Firewall to add to melee damage. Any recommendations on what you folks enjoyed playing?

    I am wondering how a couple of the enhancements work.

    1. Natures Warrior adds 1d6 or 2d6 sneak attack damage against enemies how are below 50% health. Does that extra sneak attack damage work if I am in human or elemental form or do I need to be wolf/bear? Also, I will be picking the Helf's rogue dilly for the extra SA damage. Will the Natural warrior SA damage stack with the rogue dilly SA damage?

    2. Nature Warden adds 1d6 to spell damage vs. undead. Does the extra damage only apply to single target spells or will it also apply to my AOEs such as firewall and icestorm?

    3. Fatal Harrier or Reaving Roar? I was thinking about picking up both, but I could use the extra 3 APs to boost spell damage instead. I was also thinking about using Roar low levels and switching to Harrier at later levels once mobs stopped dying in a couple of hits. I figured that the boost in attack speed would be more usefull. The only drawback I see is that the speed increase is enhancement and will only come into effect at 3 stacks or more since I wil be running in wind stance. Recommendation?

    Thank you

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    Nature's Warden, I believe, affects all offensive spells. I seem to recall my firewalls being extremely effective in the Orchard.
    However, healing spells, or spells that you can also cast on friendlies will not receive this extra bane damage.

    With Nature's Warden 3, a sunbeam usually hits for a minimum of 500 for me vs undead, more than double for other mob types, but that's with some investment in the fire/light enhancements... I've seen it crit for over 1,200 against an undead.

    Scrounge up some ethereal bracers and step into an undead quest/area with a disrupting scimitar, or two, and slip into fire elemental form with Crown of Summer (Season's Herald though, and you seem set on Nature's Warrior, but maybe worth an enhancement reset to play with), you can tear up a lot of rotting flesh and ectoplasm.

    It also applies to aberrations, IIRC. I never did get a party together for the Harbinger chain. Pity.

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    reaving roar is great at low levels, but does taper off at high levels, with windstance though I might be tempted to keep it.

    Also make sure to get as high of a wisdom score as you can, earthquake is stupid powerful when you get it.

    As for elemental choice, I in general used fire more at first then switched to mostly ice in vale. Something to still be careful with though is that your creeping cold dots will still clear niac's biting cold so don't use them with wizard or sorc in the party.

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