I would like to find a new guild to call home. One that is rather active but one doesn't put a lot of requirements or pressure on their members to run things at a certain time.

I like to play when I play and don't want to adhere to a schedule and I want to play my character my way and I don't want any loot drama.

I have been around since launch. Every now and then I may take an extended leave, so a guild that won't boot me for an extend absence would be great.

My main character is a level 25 wizard. He is nearly done with capping his ED. 3 cleric past lives and 1 wizard. Plans to do another 2 wizard and then will wait and see what to do then. I have a level 20 bard that is collecting dust.

I have played with many fun people. Since I'm in a guild now, no one has invited me, however, I just wanted to let other know I am in the market, so to speak.

If I get multiple offers, please don't be offended if I choose another guild.