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    Quote Originally Posted by Missing_Minds View Post
    I'm trying to determine how sarcastic you are being. Don't get me wrong, as I agree that fireshield would help out a lot, but... That is like "Tank and Pray" style, and while I don't know your playstyle, that doesn't seem to be your style from your posts unless you are trying something out to learn from it.

    You'd be better off twisting in the draconic Energy Sheath, that way it would be a guarantied effect, let alone last longer than 30 seconds.
    Um no there will be no praying involved. The effect lasts 1:14, not 30 seconds (or should, thats what how the glacial bracers work, dont see why this would be different other then the color). More then long enough to ensure you can maintain it the entire fight. As it's a on-melee proc, at a very high procrate of 10%, with a dragon that hits very fast and double/triple strikes. Need only survive the initial burst tell it procs, or use a clicky version from say my dragon helm.

    And energy sheathe isn't an option because imo this Dragon fight is quite easy. The hard one is the well - energy dragon. Thus I often do have energy sheathe twisted it, but it's the electrical version to aid in battling the blue dragon, which will have no effect on the white dragon.

    Also just did this on my sorc.. Rediculously easy compared to melee, got lucky on my shiradis buff, so had the uber buff and burned him down in 30 seconds, taking only a single hit (no exploits used, just lots of wind dance). Actaully killed him too fast and had to do it twice, still had 1500+ sp left..
    They really should of improved dragon AI to be able to hit ranged characters, especially ones that devastate meleee so heavily like white with its annoying aura.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SableShadow View Post

    This probably won't help the OP, but sufficient Diplomacy makes it fairly easy to disengage at will and avoid a Benny Hill scenario.
    Ha! thanks for the reference and the visuals!

    Would be nice to be the only guy in an all Elven Maiden party getting chased by a dragon listening to the Benny Hill theme.
    After a little Tolkien I am usually up for anything.

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