can't let this pass without a "Mee too!"

Oh how I would LOVE a Trophy rack as furniture.. A place to hang all those semi neat bits of gear that crop up that a part of me wants to keep but there not quite usful enough (Threnal Warblade for an example) or the classic Docent +3 of uberness (RR - Dwarf) Wish I had been able to keep that; even if it was just to look at and not sell or use....

Maybe we could start with a rented room at a tavern then as other have said move up to apartments even houses as favour rewards. Yes yes an yes amen.

Of course I wonder if you have a room to call your own - would a form of PvP for rogues be implemented where we get to rob each others cribs???

Be a place to put all my spare traps etc and use all those rune & sigle spells (Assuming their duration was dinked with as well)