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Thread: My Cleric Build

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    Yeah, we're looking forward to it. We love the cove

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    Quote Originally Posted by relmon View Post
    One more thing: What gear should I be looking for/crafting? I love to craft
    Well, augmented caster sticks are pretty good from level 8 on. The idea is to find a one-hander with a red augment, craft lore onto it and slot spell power in the red slot:

    ML8: Mace of Healing Lore w/Devotion +54
    ML12: Mace of Major Healing Lore w/Devotion +66
    ML16: +2 Mace of Major Lore w/Devotion +78
    ML20: +5 Greater Evocation Focus Mace of Major Healing Lore w/Devotion +90

    The above exampled include masterful craftsmanship, except of course for the ML20 one. I prefer morningstars for flavor, but mace is shorter to type.

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    You don't really need spell penetration before the Vale of Twilight, where you start fighting a lot of devils, which mostly have SR.

    It's against epic drow that you really need to start stacking up the spell penetration. Against the epic hard drow, 36 or so is what you want.

    But even against elite stuff in the vale, spell penetration of something like 23? is enough. So until you get to lvl 20, the last tiers of the (expensive) spell penetration enhancements are probably not needed.

    The smiting line of enhancements is also something that you may be able to delay, once again it's all the fire immune devils that mostly determine build choices from around 16-20. Once you start fighting drow, fire works fine again, so flamestrike and firestorm may have a place in your spell list.

    The other reason to take the smiting line of enhancements is for the divine punishment spell, which is a very efficient way of turning SP into raid boss damage. But as you don't expect to be facing raid bosses much, delaying the smiting line is probably also worthwile.

    What you do want is the 'wand and scroll mastery' line of enhancements, because you can get a lot of SP free healing out of heal scrolls. If your group will tolerate a 'healer tax' then get them to all buy you stacks of healing scrolls. This way, you can stretch out even more SP.

    So, a big fight might look something like this:
    Use cometfall, greater command, and /or holy smite to put up some crowd control. If fight is 'hard' follow up with blade barrier, now that you have all the monsters attention kite the whole pack around (run in a circle around your blade barrier, getting the monsters to take damage from it several times), letting your melees pull the monsters out one at the time for a beatdown.

    One of your biggest threats is getting knocked down, so encourage the melees to give 'dogs' and 'cats' that like to spam trip a high priority. This is also why you see a lot of cleric builds with skill points put into balance. This doesn't prevent you from being knocked down, but a balance of up to around 17 or so does make you get back on your feet faster.

    If facing dangerous spell casters that your melee's can't stun. Your best bet, since you don't have energy drain yet, is to try spamming cometfall, which has a relatively speedy cooldown, doesn't allow for spell resistance, and targets ref, which casters tend to be weak in.

    If damage is 'slow' use a heal scroll to hit the guy taking damage, to save on SP. If whole group is taking damage, use a radiant burst or two. If the fight is going worse, make sure the melees are grouped up around you, so that you can take maximum advantage of radiant aura, radiant burst, and self targeted mass cure spells. The mass cure / mass heals are generally more SP efficient for group healing that individual cure spells. That's why you generally want to use scrolls if it's just one guy taking damage.

    It can be worth keeping you archivists necklace (korthos end reward, or chance of showing up in carnival end reward) plus a twisted talisman (from red fens) around as sources of emergency SP.

    Take a look at the nightforge gear in relic of a sov. past, especailly now that it's all been buffed up. You can run sov. past on casual unti lyou get all the ore, then recall, reset, and do it again. If whatever gear you are wearing is worse than the nightforge gear, get everything.

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    As for gear, here's suggestions on stuff that should be relatively easy to get. There's plenty of better stuff out there, but getting it would require more effort.

    Hat: Teraza's Perfect Sight (upgraded sora kell hat)
    Goggles: Blindness ward + whatever
    Neck: Night Forge Gorget note: Now has yellow slot (relic of a sov. past)
    Armor: Nightforge Armor / Elfcrafted Plate Armor
    Cloak: Cloak of invisibility (tempest spine, can be run to the optional ranger chest, loot recall, reset, don't need to complete)
    Trinket: Benign Breath (Necro 3 scarab turn in, Magi, easy to obtain)
    Belt: random + Constitution
    Bracers: Nightforge Armbands Now also has yellow slot?
    Gloves: Maenya's Iron Fists
    Ring1: Katra's Razor Wit
    Ring2: if you can manage Invaders, then Ring of Balance is a possiblity, which would free up your neck slot, if you found a good random + constitution item in a necklace, instead of a belt.
    Boots: Boots of the Innocent if you can find them, otherwise random + striding boots, though ring of the mire + boots of the mire (from red fens) are a possiblity.

    Main hand: ??
    Offhand: Dalorent's Seal ? Necro 3 scarab turn in

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    Run CC reepeatedly with your buddies so they can make and upgrade Endless Flasks of Rum to help heal themselves. When you put the power to help yourself into someone's hands, it helps them start watching their own red bars, which helps them start playing smarter.
    Orien: Zizie, Zeelee, Zeeny, Zeety, Zeleste, Zeeby

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