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    Default Solo /afk raid

    Edit: silliest part of this thread yet: eeDQ2 pikefest

    This might not be a fantastic achievement in that it doesn't take a lot of skill. Mostly just dumb luck and/or repetition. Still, I find the idea of getting a completion while piking your own solo hilarious.

    A few months ago, I went into ADQ2 on a caster for an easy completion. Turns out the completion didn't even require me to play after I got lazy and died after nuking Lailat out of her platform.

    Oh noes. A wipe this is. But wait. The dot is steadily ticking her life away.

    When I finished making a sandwitch for myself, she went to war on nobody. Must've been pretty confusing for her, to say the least.

    And finally, just before she died, we can check her buffs' timers to check how long this pikefest took.

    Initial screenshot shows her shield at 34:14, and final screenshot shows it at 27:07, so this pikefest of a raid took just a bit over 7 minutes post mortem.

    P.S. This is silly. Please fix it.
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