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    Question Mournlode Fullplate

    I have a tier 3 level 16 Mournlode Plate armor. It has (crafting +3) but I cannot add cannith shards to it: the crafting machine refuse the item.
    Is is a problem connected to the new update 17?
    (I have already added a cannith shard to the cannith elemental bow, tier3 , level 16 before update 17 without problem)


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    Are you using the correct machine? Did you try disjuncting it first?

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    First what shard are you trying to add? Not all shards can go on all equipment

    Second if the shard can go on Armor is it greater than +3?

    or is it that you can't put the Armor in the crafting machine? Or the Shard in the crafting machine? Are you using the right machine Bound vs Unbound?

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    If you plan to TR then i suggest you only add Mark of crafting to reduce the minlvl and leave it at that. Being able to wear the armor 2lvl sooner has more worth then whatever you could add from crafting.
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    Question Mournlode Fullplate

    I tryied both machines (bound and unbound): the machines refuse the armor {only equipment originally found ...}.
    The armor is already craftable {Item already keyed ...}.

    I have already crafted the 'Elemental longbow of elements' and I have noticed that the <Examine> panel of the weapon is silver bordered while the description panel of the armor is gold bordered...

    Thanks for any help...

    PS: A nimble shard in armor could be useful, for example.
    PPS: the bleed/holy shard in weapon is nice too!
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