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    Double destiny or not, your achievements, and skill is impressive.

    Gratz on one more solo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanshilar View Post
    Shat has never and does not use multiple destinies to do his stuff. It would be illogical for anyone who posts frequently in the achievements forum to do so (it would be extremely stupid for anyone who uses exploits to call attention to them by posting about anything they do with it). There's no stronger statement I can make on this. People who have any suspicions should take a close look at how to do the quests/raids rather than shouting "exploit!" at anything they don't know how to do. None of them need multiple destinies in any way; in fact the selection of which destiny to use is part of the preparation.
    I wholly agree. Yet it has been done. Easiest way to spot them is Twists that do not work together. Ie someone having a Ein counter going whilst having Sense weakness, Haste boost and Echoes of the Ancestor active.

    In this case i saw Pin, Whistler, and Supple as Spring aswell as Fury of the Wild counter. Things which as i stated i originally thought would not be of use against Red names. Shataan explained the use of the +3 [W] for fury shot and i already knew about the supple visual bug. On him saying this i admitted i was wrong. As a player that has 2 manned ToD at level cap 20 on Pure melees aswell as various other accomplishments I understanned the use of strategies and how each raid is done.

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    NancyPDoyle, Dubitable, Bluer, Perisher, NPD, OttoAttack, and others, all on Khyber

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