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    Default Epic Loot

    Suggestion for consideration:

    With U17 and Forgotten Realms, DDO introduced level 21-25 loot, inlcuding Epic loot. These items including raid items dropped finished and usable in the chest.

    Lost in the translation is the old Epic loot systems from the Von/Dragon series, the DQ/Desert series, and several other series. These needed a heroic item + a scroll + a seal + a shard to complete an epic leveled item. In a nutshell, you need 4 items to create 1 Epic item, losing the heroic item in the process.

    Bottomline, the old Epic system is obsolete and needs to be updated.

    My suggestion is to either overhaul those old Epic systems so those quests on Epic drop the finished item, doing away with the scroll, seal and shards. Alternatively, allow the player to drop "1 or 2" of the 4 components need to build the Epic item from the formula.

    Therefore it makes it easier for the player to acquire the Epic item from these quests, and on par with the difficulty to acquire similar items from the new epic quests.

    I would like to see the older Epic quest chains still have the same value as the new Epic quest chains.

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    I think it should begin to drop like the new epics, since the old ones are now completely obsolete at end game (except for one or two very specific items). But on doing that we, carriers of the scrolls, seals and shards (have quite a bunch of them) , should be able to trade them for goodies

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