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    Default What should a fun raid be like?

    After the embarassment of Caught in the Web raid, id like to take a moment to think, "What can make a raid fun?" After thinking about it, I decided to post a bulleted list here of what Turbine either should try or try not to add in raids:

    • Add a good storyline that has meaningful choices. These choices should give everyone a minor (But changeable, depending on how you end the raid) reward, such as a feat that gives a stacking bonus to skills, and that changes the raid difficulty/loot level when everyone agrees on a majority vote of a choice(I.E.: Do I destroy all of the orbs of dragonkind to make the end raid easier, or do I preserve them to have a significant chance at more rewards?).
    • No BS mechanics. Specifically, nothing that impairs the use of dimension door, no instant-death environmental effects (Except maybe on elite, and even then, use sparingly), no technical glitches that gives the raid a stupid challenge (Coughabbotcough), stuff like that. It's annoying and unwanted! Nobody likes that ****!
    • If you make the players face off against a god, give them more appropriate powers and make them more intent on killing players. Gods should deal damage that, in 75% of cases, would instantly kill a player due to the sheer damage done, unless they have appropriate divine protections. They should also use more powers, such as sending spheres of annihilation at players (These spears kill a player instantly, no save, no spell resistance, only a divine intervention from a cleric can save the player, and even then, if the sphere is still on them when it expires, they're dead.), changing the environment to put the players in grave danger, summoning vast hordes of guardians, exc. Bottom line: Lolth didn't do a good job stopping the players, and if the other gods are like that, they are absolutely pitiful.
    • Players should be OVERWHELMED by the sheer number of monsters on harder difficulties in epic raids, but watch the CR rating. It's no fun battling 50 monsters at once that have HP through the roof.
    • A raid should have fighting, puzzles and other challenges in good amounts. When you fight monsters, solve puzzles or do other challenges for a long time, the players get mentally fatigued and bored. Don't forget to make encounters randomly selected!
    • Reward and encourage teamwork, but don't make it too unfriendly on easier settings.
    • Don't use raid timer bypasses as a excuse to lower drop rates. Players like to complete challenges without resorting to the DDO store to spend their hard-earned real-life cash.
    • If you include NPC's that ally with players in a quest, be careful. Due to the horrible AI in game, its easy for them to get killed or carried away battling a monster. Or something else that makes them fail a objective (Getting stuck!)
    • Sometimes, simplicity is best. If you overcomplicate things, players might not understand them, developers will be forced to close raids to fix issues that take a long time, and the overall satisfaction of the raid will fall.

    There's my advice to Turbine. But mine alone is not enough, I need your help, fellow players! What should Turbine do to make raids more fun in-game?
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    /sarcasm on

    - Twelve Coyles, no matter how many members are in the party
    - One dies, quest fails / One dies, no end chest
    - Beholders, so you cannot buff Coyleses (not at the beginning, so it gives some time for bards to die)
    - Hoards of respawning bearded devils, because they're too chaotic to focus aggro
    - Resurrection Lock, because it's a one-line-code, so, why not?
    - Perma Chained, because LoF is OP.
    - Quells just for the Intercession
    - Fire eles + Living Spells a-la EtK
    - 1 Shrine. Res only.
    - Tons of traps.
    - Momma Dawg from HoX as end boss, because scr*w the lore...
    - 0,1% 0,5% 1% Chance to drop SoS and/or +6 tomes.

    Upon release, uber-EE-soloers will call for a ramp up, so devs will put:
    - All beholders and fire eles are orange names
    - Coyleses are now warforged with improved fortification and +50% threat gen.
    - Timed.
    - Chance for end chest (if any) to be a mimic.
    - Haste-ward.

    Fun times...

    /sarcasm stills on
    I don't care...

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    I would settle for something in the chest guaranteed. With the current bugs, we don't even have that.
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    First time players often find TS enjoyable, but hear some found ADQ dissapointing because it was done overlevel in the LFMs.
    VoN5 and Shroud are better in this respect of course, Pikers Fate not so much, with Chrono somewhere in the middle.

    Higher level raids were missing for some time and now we have them, yet at some point it'd be good to have another middle level raid where everyone can have fun, new and old players alike.

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