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    Default Are these two things normal?

    Patcher is always stuck on "waiting"
    Cannot add a Menace of Underdark key to my account page

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    can't comment on the patcher part.

    As for the not being able to add the MoTU key to your account... same thing happened to me. Had to call support and they fixed in it less than 5 mins. According to the support person i spoke with it is a very very common problem.

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    If the problem persists, and you can't call the phone assistance number (not in usa...) you can ask for help here:

    Let us know if and how you solved your issue if you want
    How to revamp past life reward system <--- working again
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    We absolutely planned for Fighter to still have Haste Boost. It's absolutely a bug. Any similar issues that look "wrong" to any player should be bugged.
    Developers should fix this

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