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    Question Shard clarification

    On, Natural Bonus +3 shard is listed as a prefix. I want to make a Natural Armor +3/Protection +3 outfit.
    1) Can it be made?
    2) What order do the shards need to be applied to make this item?
    Thanks for your input!

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    Default Don't think so

    According to both ddowiki and ddo crafting planner it should be possible.
    But I'm at the crafting station right now and both shards are described as Shard of XXXXX, which means that regardless of what the wiki or crafting planner say you CAN'T put BOTH on any item. Take it form someone who has been there, go by the description that shows when you hover over the shard, if it says its a Shard of xxx, then its a suffix, if it says its a xxxx Shard then its a prefix. So, my guess is that Natural Armor got changed from a prefix to a suffix sometime and this hasn't been updated in the wiki yet, but the reality of the situation is that the machine is master and if IT says they are both suffixs then thats what they are. Nothing else really matters.
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