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    Default Docent's Mystery Bonus to AC

    Having Unyielding Sentinel active makes my docent contribute 8 extra points to AC.

    My stats:
    Warforged. 20 Favored Soul; 5 Epic. 5 Unyielding Sentinel (when active).
    Dex: 10
    Adamantine Body

    Here are my AC values (unbuffed, no equipment except the listed docent):
    [No Docent]:
    • Without Unyielding Sentinel: 10
    • With Unyielding Sentinel: 25

    +1 Docent from House K armor shop (+1 enhancement, Adamantine Body: +0):
    • Without Unyielding Sentinel: 11
    • With Unyielding Sentinel: 26

    +5 Deathblock Quoriforged Docent of Superior False Life (+5 enhancement, Adamantine Body: +20):
    • Without Unyielding Sentinel: 35
    • With Unyielding Sentinel: 58

    The first two setups (naked and a +1 docent) add up: When Unyielding Sentinel is active, I get Tier 3 Hardened (+10 AC) and the passive +5 AC from Unbreakable. My AC goes up 15 points total.

    That third setup doesn't add up. Adding Unyielding Sentinel with that docent should add 15 AC, but instead it adds 23 AC. Why does this docent grant an additional +8 AC when I'm an Unyielding Sentinel?

    Here are my other Unyielding Sentinel abilities:
    [All of the "Automatically Granted" bottom row]
    Bane of Undeath 1/1
    Endless Turning 1/3
    Shield Prowess 3/3
    Confront Any Foe 1/1
    Fanaticism 1/1
    Legendary Shield Mastery 2/3
    Intolerant Blows 1/1
    Healing Hands 1/1
    Hardened 3/3
    Ward Against Evil 1/3
    Undying Vanguard 1/1
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