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    Default FvS melee focused w/ some DCs

    I finished my FvS his is concentrated melee but has some DCs (work EH not EE of course)

    Just would like to gather some thoughts from XPd FvS people as this is my first.

    Stats: PL= barb 1, Fighter 2
    16: 36 buffed
    8: 18 buffed
    15: 32 buffed
    8: 15 buffed
    17: 42 buffed
    10: 24 buffed

    Focus GA
    Power attack
    Improve crit slashing
    Silver flame path
    Fire, cold, elec, silver resis

    Gear: (have but not currently wearing only lvl 21 ATM)
    EH helm of blue dragon +3 insight wisdom/ heavy fort slot
    Epic Antique GA
    Encrusted ring - +2 insight strength
    Knosts belt
    GS cloak of air: +45 HPS
    Con Opp goggles- +250 sps, +5 CHA skills, +4 int skills
    Terrorweb Chittin breastplate- +8 wisdom, amaunators blessing
    Symbol of shining star- +7 wis, +3 insight CHA
    Signet of shining star- +7 CHA, +2 insight wis
    Epic gloves of claw
    Epic bracers of claw
    Can't remeber boots..... Or trinket


    What epic feats should I take?
    I put levels into wisdom should have went strength?
    Should I have any different gear?

    And other questions comment...

    Thanks all!
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