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    Default true seeing question

    Hello all,
    I got a pair of goggles with a colorless augment crystal slot. My plan is to craft true seeing for the suffix. Ive never had an item with true seeing prior and my question is does it do anything beyond what is in the spell description. For ex. does it help with solid fog as well or would I need to allocate blindness ward for the prefix? I need the augment slot for an ability increase, so that precludes finding a set with a yellow augment slot as being an UN-neccessary ML increase.


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    true seing crafted only gives true seing permanent(indispellable if you prefer) nothing more

    skip the concealment from solid fog/blur/displacement? yes it does

    give free incorporeal hit?(wraith or phase spider) no it doesn't, but you will see em moving, so you will know where are they
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