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I can't believe they are upping the level cap so soon. We still haven't recovered from the last one.

Upping the level cap spreads out the people and who they can group with. Upping the lvl cap from 25 to 28 means that there will be about 1/8th less LFMs that you qualify for at any point in time. Sure, far less of a hit than the 1/4 that struck us with U14, but it doesn't seem like we've even recovered from that one.

At is isn't only puggers who suffer. Whether you get your groups via guilds, channels or what have you, you still need to find people about your level to play with. The more levels.... the less people.

Not good for the game at all....
I think they need to dump the entire leveling penalty for all quests lvl 20+ in the interest of grouping. ED's are going to have a bigger impact than actual character level, and the system doesn't check ED's.