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Weird cause I got some pm's from some people saying that it did still work and was easy to pull the first pair without aggro. Guess someone else will have to verify. Thanks for info!
We don't sneak or go invisible but it seems to work 50/50 even when i tried a few times myself with the sneak and invis it still seemed 50/50 chance. The aggro only comes from the confusion dragon tho if anything, the giant never moves. ( as long as you don't move down the steps, and you don't move around the pillars to your left or right side) It seems to be the confusion dragon sometimes runs straight at the stormreaver or it circles the room in the opposite direction and than he spots you.

As for people talking about the electrical trap it comes from the stormreaver. He calls a lightning something or whatever and it hits the trash. It does not matter if that trash is at full health or close to death, the trap will go off either way. Although, I can say that his trap does not hit all the trash, it only hits some, not sure of the number. But the trap can come off any trash mobs(not the dragons and giants), so you have to be careful when you are around them.

Also the order does not matter as long as crystal is 3rd

Also I seem to be late, but congratz on the completion