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    Default Righteous Ire Recruiting

    A lot of lost people wandering around out there due to the game changes, boredom, and many veterans leaving the game.

    I run a guild over on Orien called Righteous Ire. I'm looking for solid, clever, people to fill out our roster. We are L100 yet we still raid elites amidst all the DDO quits. We did the majority of that before any TRs and with both a rogue and an AA in spite of their unpopularity at the time. We run the elites, tend to chain 'em up on single nights like an overleveled, overlarge TR group, and keep main toons on timer.

    2 day a week commitment to guild/raid night, which also requires a viable 20, but beyond that the only rule is no toolboxes.

    Challenge is good, big personalities are great, and, as with all things in life, we blame Kv for everything. Kv is my heir, btw, so speak with kvirnoj/kvaroq or myself ursulah/ursulla/anitah if RI interests you.

    Did I mention that we have a red airship? Red is faster, so we make good time on raid nights when we have that static group.

    4-5 spots, evaluated by both skill and personality. I'd say the average age in guild is over 30.

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